Price List

Please see our current price list below

Group Lessons

1/2 Hour

1 Hour

Weekday£16.50 each£24.50 each
1/2 Hour Group Lesson followed by 1/2 Hour Hack £23.50 each
Weekend£18.50 each£26.50 each
1/2 Hour Group Lesson followed by 1/2 Hour Hack £23.50 each

Private Lessons *

One to One£31.00 each£47.00 each

Semi-Private Lessons *

2 People£25.00 each£33.50 each
3 People£24.00 each£31.50 each
4 People£23.00 each£29.50 each
5 People£22.00 each£27.50 each

Walkouts and Hacks

1/2 Hour Walkout£15.00 each
1 Hour Walkout£26.00 each
1 Hour Hack£30.00 each (Min 2 Riders)
1 Hour Private Hack£40.00 each
2 Hour Hack£50.00 each (Min 2 Riders)

Stable Management

1 Day (Tue-Fri)£45.00 Per Day
1 Week (Tue-Fri)£170.00 Per Week
2 Hour Group (Friday Evenings)£22.50 each
1 Hour Intense (One to One)£20.00 Per Hour
1 Hour Intense (2 People)£15.00 Per Hour
1 Hour Intense (3 People)£13.00 Per Hour

Own Your Own Pony

1 Day (Tue-Fri)£44.00 Per Day
1 Week (Tue-Fri)£160.00 Per Week

Special Requirements Lessons *

Prices only apply Tue-Fri 10am-4pm, standard rates apply outside of these hours
1/2 Hour Group Lesson / Walkout£14.50 each
1 Hour Private Lesson£25.00 each
1 Hour Semi-Private Lesson£22.00 each
1 Hour Intense Stable Management£20.00 each

* Please Note:

For all riders under 4 years old an additional fee of £5.00 will be required for their chosen activity, due to supplementary staff requirements.

Parents / Guardians / Care Assistants

Assistance may be required during some activities, as we cannot guarentee lead rein assistance. Please ensure suitable footwear and attire is worn.

Please Note: All bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions, upon booking you are accepting these